Interior Design

My Renovation Part I – Foyer & Living Area

new entryway

My studio in NYC  is about 540 sq ft. When I bought the place, it was covered with wall panels; hallway, walls, and all doors. Together with the dark green carpet, it was very dark despite the gorgeous view and the sunlight. I removed the carpet and re-finished the walls. Underneath the carpet was the yellowish parquet wood floor which I did not like, I stained it with ebony color and satin finish. The color makes the place more modern and it hides the parquet pattern!    I wanted a dramatic entry. My original idea was to cover the entry way and the hallway with dramatic wallpaper. However, I thought that might be too busy so I ended up painting the hallway with strips of the same color (pale gray) but with different shines (eggshell and semi-gross). The subtleness created a perfect backdrop for the feature wall which was covered with the black and white damask wallpaper.

In the main area, I defined 4 distinct spaces, living, sleeping, working, and dining. One side is my living and sleeping area. I wanted to create a romantic place with a bit feminine and whimsical touch yet neutral enough to be male friendly. The wall color is called raspberry ice and it is exactly that. It makes me wonder who has the job of coming up paint color names. It’s subtle but it complements well with the pink throw pillows. Next to the couch is a walk-in closet. It used to have a door that opened outwards. It was a waste of space so I installed the sliding doors. They were in fact IKEA wardrobe doors. The closet light shines through the glass doors and  helps create the romantic mood.  <More pictures at the bottom>

new sleeping area

I have a small coach due to the limitation of the space. Next to the living area is my sleeping area. I wanted a luxury and comfortable bed which usually involves a lot of pillows and puffy duvet. Since my couch is very small, next to the big bed, the scale would have been off. I decided to draw people’s eye upward by installing a dramatic headboard which extends all the way up to the ceiling. It defines a separate area and creates visual interests. Now the focus of the bed area is all the way up, so visually people are less likely to compare the bed to the couch. It works very well.   <More pictures at the bottom>

new work area

Across from the bed, it is my workspace. I positioned my desk perpendicular to the window. Lights coming from the sides are the most natural way. By positioning my desk this way means the wires of my computer would have been exposed. So I had my contractor build a skinny triangle panel that was installed in front of the desk to hide everything.  Yes it is a triangle shape because the wall is angled. The panel smoothes out the odd shape between the bed and the desk.   Inside the panel, I have shelves where I put the router, modem, and other computer device. The panel also has casters so it is easy to move out when I need to install other devices. To make it a bit less uptight, I put my stuff animals (some of them are handmade) behind my work areas.

Next to the workspace is my dining area.  I wanted this dining table and chairs before I even bought the condo. The brown wall makes them pop. Along with the brown and white contrast, I picked out the white chandelier.  I love chandeliers (remember I want to create a romantic space) but I don’t have high ceiling so above the dining table seemed to be the perfect place.

Other pictures:

new hallway

old living space

old dining area


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