Interior Design

My Renovation Part II – Bathroom & Kitchen

new bathroom

For the bathroom, I wanted to create a spa feel. For that, I have the followings:

  • I installed dimmable recess lights. This way, I could dim the light and light a candle for a relaxing mood. I could turn up the light when I need to put on makeup.
  • I installed a wall-mount faucet because it not only gives a clean lined modern feel but more importantly I didn’t have to deal with nasty buildups around the faucet area.
  • I installed a wall mount vanity because that really opened up the space. I was looking for the perfect vanity for the longest time. When I finally decided on one, I was told it would take 14 weeks to arrive. So, I decided to design my own and had my contractor build it. I used walnut veneer and the same modern handles as you would see in the kitchen cabinets and the closet doors. Not only did it turn out to be perfect, it’s cheaper than the one I tried to order. It is highly functional. Drawers can hold SO MUCH MORE than a traditional cabinet with doors because you can organize stuff more effectively and you can reach the back of the drawers easily.
  • I installed two floating shelves that were covered with the same veneer as the vanity. Remember, if I want a relaxing feel, I light candles. These shelves are there for me to put the candles on as well as other decorative elements. I like to keep the decoration to the minimum, so normally I only have a diffuser and some stones to give  a spa feel.
  • I also replaced the faucet in the bathtub and the shower head. I couldn’t stand the standard looking tub faucet that came with the apartment. Actually I miscalculated the number of titles I needed. Since they were quite expensive, I decided to use a lighter and cheaper ones (I used the same one on kitchen floor) as accent that run across the bathtub area. It turned out to be great; better than if I would have put the same tiles all around.
  • I installed a medicine cabinet that has mirror on the back of the door and the back of the shelves. This way, I could see my side and the back. Very functional.

For the kitchen, I replaced everything, the floor, the cabinets, countertop, appliances, and backsplash. I wanted to keep it white and brown. I like the dark brown cabinets but I thought it might be too dark overall (afterall, it’s not a big kitchen), so I decided to mix it with the white cabinets on top. Originally I wanted white glossy epoxy floor and a white Caesar stone countertop to keep the modern look. But I had a hard time finding an epoxy professional who would do such a small space for a reasonable price. So, I put in tiles instead. As far as the countertop, I loved the natural pattern of this countertop when I saw it. The color of the cabinet could be found in the pattern which makes them a perfect match. Giving up my original vision was not easy but I grew to like the outcome. Also for resale value, granite countertop seems to be a good idea. Since my fridge is skinner compared to a traditional ones, in case I need to change my fridge later, I didn’t want to extend my countertop all the way. So, I designed a 10 inch wide wine rack that would fit in the extra space.


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