About Me / Interior Design

Welcome to My Blog

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog!

My site is about everyday living, with a focus on interior design. I pay much attention to the design details and more importantly the rationale behind them. I love to make things visually appealing, including not so apparent places, like a closet. I can spend hours reorganizing a closet. Yes, all hangers must be the same (I know ‘must’ is a strong word but let’s just say we live in an ideal world) and the clothes are organized by color and length. I know what you are thinking, “compulsive?” No, again, I just like to make things visually appealing. When I open the closet, I smile every time. So, why is it so bad?  To learn more about me, check here.

I am going to start my blog with my renovation story. Stay tuned!


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