How to Make your Sink look Gorgeous?

Call me obsessive but I don’t like to see water marks on my porcelain sink. I have a rectanglular vessle sink. The water probably does not glide as well compared to a sink that has a deeper slope. I have been searching for a solution that would make the sink look spotless and make the water dry beautifully. I’ve tried using car wax which was supposed to form a layer of protective surface so the water could glide easily and dry without spots. Same reason you wax your car. Well, the result was somewhat disappointing. Plus I didn’t have car wax lying around my house and I had to go out and buy one just to test it out. (I live in Manhattan and don’t own a car)….then one day, I was so excited to discover this method!

Use your liquid laundry detergent! Just stop the drain, fill up the water and put the detergent in. Use a sponge to mix in the detergent and clean the sink t at the same time. Let it sit for a while and drain the water. Voila! The water dries spotlessly and your sink looks absolutely gorgeous! Don’t forget use the sponge to wipe the faucet as well. Same solution works on the fixtures!!

The cool thing is I discovered this method completely by accident. I had to hand wash some clothes. (Trust me, I had procrastinated long enough to wash them) I filled up the sink with water and detergent and washed the clothes. When I returned to the bathroom, I could not believe how gorgeous the sink looked!  Well, it’s a bonus when you handwash your clothes!


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