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Single Lever Faucet: Left or Right?

I am a big fan of single lever faucets.  Why use two hands when you can use one to control the faucet?  

I am a big fan of wall mount faucets. Why clean the buildup around the faucet?  

aquabrass volare series


 That’s why I installed a single lever wall mount faucet in my bathroom. Now comes the question. Do I put the handle on the right or the left? What do you think?  

All the people I asked this question to thought for a moment and said, ‘Well, you are right-handed, so I would say right”. I was surprised that’s the answer everyone gave me (seriously everyone!) Their reason was right but their answer was wrong.  

I put it on the left preciously because I am right-handed. Because I am right-handed, my left hand has less germs, so I want my left hand to turn the faucet on. You probably never thought about this but I bet next time when you use one of those faucets, you won’t forget this article!


What do you think?

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