Interior Design

Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams or Behr?

First of all, I want to apologize for going MIA for while. I quit my technology consulting job, looking for a career change. I also decided to move from NYC to Seattle. (Yes, big change!)! I have been busy with the move and dealing with the bad service from UPS. Big mistake to ship everything with UPS. Anyway I am back.

I found a perfect one-bedroom apartment at Capitol Hill. It’s an old building. I love the old charms and a lot of lights. I figure I need it in Seattle. Out of the old buildings I have seen, this one is in a pretty good condition, relatively speaking. Although it is a rental, I was determined to paint. I always go with Benjamin Moore. Besides it’s the biggest name in the industry, there’s always a Benjamin Moore store around my home for some reason. They always have everything I wanted, so I never really compare it with others. This time, I am curious about other brands, especially Sherwin-Williams. Here is what I conclude.

Benjamin Moore has the best color choices, hands down! The colors are beautiful, fabulous, and sometimes delicious (well not literally). I wonder who has the job of coming up with paint color names. It’s crazy, how would you describe the 100+ shades of white?

Sherwin-Williams offers similar product lines as Benjamin Moore. It is a bit cheaper  and they can match colors from other brands. But be aware, it takes them a day (at least in Seattle, I tried 2 stores) to match the color. So plan ahead! I never plan ahead like that. Whenever I decide on a color, I want to paint right away…After some negotiation, the guy attempted to match the 2 colors I brought while I waited. He was only able to match one of them correctly in such a short notice.  That worked for me anyway as I wasn’t going to paint both colors the same day. The quality is comparable to BM but the color selection is definitely weak. I actually went back to BM for the other color.

I am doing a couple DIY projects: refinishing the dining table, bookcase, and a dresser (so far). I happened to be at Home Depot so I decided to give BEHR a try. The person recommended me BEHR ultra, it’s a primer and paint all in one. I was naturally skeptical about all in one products but I was sold. I actually like it.  It has good coverage and it glides on easily and evenly. I needed black for the dining table and the bookcase and white for the dresser. I didn’t bother to look at the colors they offer. I am pretty sure it’s not as impressive as BM.

For me, Benjamin Moore wins! A wide range of color choices and  they have truly beautiful. Unless I don’t care about the color, I will always go with BM.

BTW, I used Martha Stewart paint a few years ago (the only exception from Benjamin Moore), it was horrible.


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