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IKEA Hack – RAST 3-drawer chest


I love IKEA. Although I never want to go ‘all-IKEA’ in a given space, I can always find something there to mix with other items.  What I love even more is IKEA hack. It is amazing that IKEA is not just a home furnishing store, it has created a hobby that never existed before, called IKEA hack. Well, product hacking is not new but IKEA  just makes hacking a lot easier and fun.

I had been looking for a small dresser to fit in my bathroom. I wanted a dresser/chest for 2 reasons: 1) drawers. I always prefer drawers than cabinets in a bathroom. Most of my stuff I keep in the bathroom are small and they work best with drawers because of its easy access. 2) It looks less bathroom-ish, less boring. Oh, I also need it to be white to fit my ‘all-white’ theme.

I have had no luck finding the perfect dresser until I saw RAST 3-drawer chest from the IKEA catalog. I must have flipped through the catalog a million times before it darned on me that it was  the perfect size.  Of course the look was not what I was looking for but this dresser is designed to be hacked as it comes in untreated wood and with ugly knobs. I thought to myself if I thought of doing this, someone must have the same thought.

I was right! I found several of them. I love the 2 tone desgin that Lindsay (here), Eric (here), and Kate (here) did. I saw a similar hack on a MALM dresser before in Do It Yourself magazine where they took a brown black drawer and painted the drawers white with a floral decal on it. It looks great and I have been wanting to do it myself. Normally, I would have gone with the 2 tone design or something bold like that but unfortunately for this project I need to keep it all white. I still love the end result. While it is not a statement piece, it goes well with my all-white theme. Plus, it is very functional! I picked the brushed nickel knobs to match with the other hardware in the bathroom, the design of the knobs go well with the shower curtain. Here is a recap of what I did:

1. Assembled the chest frame

2. Assembled the drawers except the bottom and the back. I found it easier to paint this way, just a personal preference. DO NOT put the knobs in yet.

3. Sanded lightly, wiped the surface clean.

4. Painted 2 coats of glossy white. I let the first coat dry overnight and sanded it lightly before applying the 2nd coat.  If you don’t want the wood grains to show, I would recommend to use a primer first.

5. Applied 2 coats of water-based polyurethane. You can use an oil-based one to get a harder surface but I live in an apartment so I didn’t want to deal with the smell. I waited 24 hours before installing the knobs.

6. Installed the knobs

This is a fairly easy project and I enjoyed it.  I will still look for an opportunity to do a 2 tone design in the future!


<I did find another opportunity: check this out. This time it’s black>


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