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I love deer heads


I have two fetishes: Deers and Owls.

I always want to have deer heads hanging on my walls. Instead of the real ones or wood carved ones (I love!), I found the cardboard ones made by Cardboard Safari. They are perfect for my rental for a number of reasons:


  • They are cute  
  • They are animal and environmentally friendly
  • They are affordable and uncommital. It costs only $25 per one.
  • It’s easy to assemble and hang
  • I planned to put it above my bed over my head. I know it’s a silly thought but I am always concerned it will fall and hit my head. Since it is made of cardboard, no worry if it does.

I ordered two of them to promote the ‘aura of pairs’ in the bedroom. It is loosely based on feng shui principles to arrange objects in pairs in the love center of a room. When the package arrived, I quickly assembled them.  I was excited to show them to my fiancé and explained to him my vision. He immediately pointed out that fact that they were identical and they both had antlers, hence, they were both male, hence,…  Humm…interesting, I never thought of that.  Although feng shui principles are more about symbolism and I don’t think it matters if they are both males, we found an easy fix. We removed the antlers from one of the deers and a female deer was born!  Another reason to love the easily assembled cardboard animals!




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