Keep the boots in shape, and it costs nothing!

Fall is here! It’s boot season! It was quite a change when I moved from NYC to Seattle. I actually started wearing boots occasionally in August while there was a heat wave in the east coast. OK, I am not one of those who wears UGG boots while it is 70s out, there were some legitimately cold days in August here. As we slow down our gym visits and start hiding our not so fabulous body under a jacket, our boots need to get in shape. Stop ignoring the flopped-over shafts. It is not only visually annoying, it deforms the boots, it develops creases by the ankle, it destroys your boots!

You can try boot shapers. They are about $10 a pair of plastic ones from The Container Store. If you want to be fancier, you can get a pair of cedar boot shapers for about $50.

But what I REALLY want to share is a trick that costs you nothing! Use water bottles. I like to use SmartWater bottles because of the shape. When you are done drinking, clean it, fill it up with tap water and put the cap back on. Insert the bottle in the shaft of the boot. It’s that easy. It works just as well as the ‘boot shapers’, only these are greener.


What do you think?

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