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Foyer – shoes are gone!

I like foyers. It’s a nice area to ease people into the house/apartment. It should feel warm and welcoming. Our foyer gets a lot of actions. It’s the area we put on shoes when we are getting ready to go out and take off shoes when we come home. It’s the area we put the mail and keys down when we are taking off our shoes. It’s also the only  path to get to the bathroom. We see it all the time, hence, more reasons to make it look good.  I have a few requirements:

1. Hide the shoes – √

I always like to put shoes away, make them not visible no matter how pretty they are (unless it’s intentional for photo shoots). Most of our shoes are put in clear plastic boxes (from  The Container Store) in the closet. But we do leave the shoes we often wear in the foyer. I want to hide them in a more subtle way, not in a shoe cabinet or shoe rack .Once again, it’s an IKEA RAST 3-Drawer Chest hack. Actually I have been secretly hoping for another opportunity to hack RAST after I used it in my bathroom (see my bathroom post here). And I knew I was going to use pull rings for the drawers for it (whatever that’s going to be). I found these lovely French Antique Gold Pull Rings from Bellacor.  Bellacor has some on clearance for $6 (regular is $10. Just make sure you select the ones from clearance). These are the customer returns but are verified to be in new condition. It’s a steal. They are so beautiful! I was so excited when I received them! I hopped!

2. Surface area -√

I want some surface to put a plant/flowers to welcome our guests (or to welcome us home). Also, need it for putting down mail, keys, and other misc. items.

3. Lights – √

The ceiling light is not creating the right mood. So, I need some extra light to give a softer, more welcoming and relaxing mood.

4. Mirror – √

Just to make sure we look ok for the civilized society before we leave!

Seating is not necessary, however, it’s nice to have when putting on or taking off shoes. It  also adds extra surface for the mail.


One thought on “Foyer – shoes are gone!

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