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Antler Chandelier

Don’t think antler chandeliers can only be used in a lodge. It will look super cool in a modern home. When you want to introduce some natural elements to your home, think beyond just adding a wood table or a few rocks to the vase, think antler chandelier!!

There are two material types, real antlers and faux/reproduction antlers. Real antlers are naturally shed antlers while faux ones are cast of resin. Real antlers tend to be more unique in shape and size. When it is examined up close, it gives more warmth than the faux ones. But when it is hung from the ceiling, the difference is not noticeable.  You will save a lot of money going with the reproduction antlers. carries many styles that are made of real antlers.

I love the Adirondack Antler Chandelier from Restoration Hardware. It is crafted of resin in molds made from naturally shed antlers. 

Adirondack Antler Chandelier $1295

Dick Idol offers a more affordable reproduction antler chandelier that is similar in scale to the Adirondack.

Dick Idol™ Twelve Light Antler Chandelier $699.99


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