Interior Design

Bring the nature in


While I don’t want my home to look like a green house, I certainly love to bring a bit of nature in. One chic way to do this is to use branches. 

I am in love with manzanita branches.   The natural ones are reddish. I particularly love the sandblasted ones. Sandblasting removes some of the smaller branches and the red bark. The fewer branches make it make more sculptural which I adore. You can simply put it in a vase with some peddles and call it a day, or you add flowers, moss, crystal, you name it…to form a more elaborate arrangement. For a smaller branch, you can just stabilize it in a vase with peddles. For larger ones, you probably want to use paster of paris, esp if you use a low and wide container. Here is a tutorial of how you secure a manzanita branch.

BTW, you don’t always have to put them up right. I think it will look awesome to lay a manzanita branch diagonally across a rectangle vase like the one. To lay it completely flat on a surface, I actually prefer driftwood (see the 2nd window display below).


If you can’t get them from your backyard, you can get them online. Nettleton Hollow and Blooms and Branches offer good selection of branches. Also, check out the Nettleton Hollow blog, it has tons of great ideas about using branches, including these window displays.



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