Interior Design

Light and Color – Best Paint Colors for Your Room

I stumbled upon a calendar design by Jonathan Davies. Love it! He uses colors represent each month, like red for the hot August and icy blue for the freezing January. Smart way to use color temperature!

ImageSame applies to interior paint. Depending on the facing of your room, you may want to use colors to drop or raise the visual temperature.

North – No direct sunlight throughout the day, use warm colors or natural colors with yellow or red undertone. Avoid gray undertone as it makes the color dull and gloomy. Another strategy is to work with the nature instead of fighting it, use strong dark colors like dark purple or chocolate to create intimacy.

South – Good sunlight throughout the day, it works with either cool or warm color/undertone. Since the light is constant, the color you choose will stay pretty much the same throughout the day. Use paler colors over intense colors as the sunlight will intensify them. If you want to tone down the visual temperature due to the constant sunlight, go with cool colors.

East – Morning sunlight, the color in this room will change dramatically as the day goes by. It appears to be bright in the morning and goes gray from noon onwards. The light in the east facing room can appear a bit blue so it works best with green/blue or natural colors with green/blue undertone.

West – Late afternoon sunlight, use icy/cool colors to cool down the room as this light can be quite intense. Since the afternoon sunlight is warmer than the morning one (less blue, appears reddish), it goes very well with red tones, consider a soft pink! Keep in mind that the color will appear cooler in the morning and warmer in the afternoon.

Besides the facing of the room, the artificial lights in the room also affect the colors. Typically florescent bulbs and CFLs give out a blueish/greenish tint though some of the newer ones are warmer. Check out my other post on light bulbs ”


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